Structural Insights into a Unique Dimeric DEAD-Box
Helicase CshA that Promotes RNA Decay
Authors: Jennifer Huen, Chia-Liang Lin,Bagher Golzarroshan, Wan-Li Yi,Wei-Zen Yang, Hanna S. Yuan
In Brief:
Huen et al. report the crystal structure of CshA, a unique dimeric DEAD-box helicase. CshA binds RNA with or without ATP/ADP, as RNA remain bound with CshA during ATP hydrolysis cycles.
RNA is thus degraded processively through cooperation between exoribonucleases and CshA in the RNA-degrading machinery.

  • CshA is a unique dimeric DEAD-box helicase in the RNA degradosome for RNA decay
  • The crystal and SAXS structures of CshA reveal a flexible V-shaped structure
  • Dimerization of CshA produces a helicase that binds RNA with or without ATP
  • Dimeric CshA cooperates with exoribonucleases to unwind and degrade RNA

Accession Numbers 5IVL

Huen et al., 2017, Structure 25, 1–13
March 7, 2017 2017 Elsevier Ltd.